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At Plus Proto, we provide custom Sheet Metal Fabrication services to customers. Our instant quoting and quick delivery time can meet your custom sheetmetal fabrication, flexible production, and development stage. All sheet metal processes like sheet metal cutting, sheet metal bending is available at Plus Proto.


With all kinds of machines, we offer rapid custom metal sheet prototypes, low-volume custom metal sheets, and mass production. Meanwhile, there are more than 10+ metal materials in stock at Plus Porto, we can easily meet all kinds of sheet metal parts applications and industries.


Let’s help you make your idea into reality from your drawings now.

Sheet Metal Fabrication plus proto
Sheetmetal fabrication Plus Proto

What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication(here we introduce the No-mold way) is a manufacturing process way that involves metal cutting and bending to form different metal shapes products.

There are mainly 3 processing ways for sheet metal fabrication, Include cutting, punching, and bending. These ways can be used either in tandem or individually.

  • Cutting: Usually, Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, and Plasma Cutting services are used for sheet metal processing.
  • Punching: The equipment of the punching process is a punching machine, which can further process the cut material into shape. A lot of parts require specific perforations or patterns, such as ribs, shutters, or countersinks. To this end, CNC punching machines use specific tools to “beat” the metal plate and perforate or shape it in a specific way.
  • Bending: Bending is the last step of sheet metal forming. They can bend or roll the metal sheet into the required shape, which is the forming process of parts; the process of cold pressing the metal sheet by the upper and lower knives of the bending machine to deform the metal sheet to obtain the required shape.

Except for sheet metal cutting and bending, sheet metal processing is also involves welding, assembly, and surface finishes.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Materials


  • Aluminum: Aluminum 6061, Aluminum 5052, or another custom ;
  • Copper/Bronze/Brass: Copper 260,Copper 101,Copper C110,Bronze 220, 510 or another custom;
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel 301,304,Stainless Steel 316/316L, or another custom
  • Steel: Steel 1018 (low carbon)

Sheet Metal Finishes Options

  • Bead Blast
  • Anodized (Type ll Or Type III)
  • Powder Coat
  • Electropolishing
  • Electroless Nickel Plating
  • Silver Plating
  • Gold Plating
  • Or Other Custom

If you can NOT find your custom materials above, please contact us freely.

  • No MOQ requests, we can star from 1 piece;
  • Low-volume production can help you save investment;
  • The tolerance usually as per customer’s 2D drawings;
  • If NO 2D drawings from clients as per ISO 2768-M;
  • Usually, the lead time is 3- 7 working days. It depends on the specific cases.
  • We have 2 shifts works which can help you accelerate projects if needed.
  • Plus Proto can accommodate any standard thread size;
  • We can also machine custom threads;
  • Sharp edges are deburred by default;
  • Also can be made as customized.

Benefits of Cooperation with Plus Proto


  • Rich Experience: Our core team has more than 20 years of glass industry experience. We can give professional guidance to you from prototypes to mass production.



  • One-Stop Service: Laser cutters, Laser/punch combination machinery, CNC punch machinery, Folding Machinery, Precision turned parts machinery, Robotic welders, we can give clients the best custom Sheet Metal Fabrication solutions.



  • Quality Worry-Free: We cooperate with Fortune 500 companies in the world, such as  BMW, TESLA, HP, Samsung, The quality is recognized by them. We can provide custom CNC parts for many industries.

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