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Plus Proto offers low volume Production and mass manufacturing services. Our engineers’ team has more than 20 years. What’s more, In China, we have a complete industrial chain, which can meet your manufacturing needs quickly and at a low cost.


No matter you ONLY need a few piece prototypes for testing or need mass production for your millions of pieces order. We can help you make them step by step.


Send your drawings to us, Let’s make things for you.

Low Volume Manufacturing
Low Volume Manufacturing 1

What Is Low Volume Manufacturing?


Low volume manufacturing is a service offering small production in very small volumes usually limited to 10,000 pieces or fewer. This way allows for very limited investment in tooling and materials. It can help clients provide quick access to markets, rapid response, and shorter product life cycles. So we can say low volume manufacturing is a bridge between prototyping and mass production.


What Are the Advantages of Low Volume Manufacturing

  • Lower the cost with no minimum order quantity or values request.
  • Provide fast access to emerging markets
  • Respond quickly to shorter product life cycles
  • Allow for faster design and any changes
  • Lower financial exposure with limited investment.

Benefits of Cooperation with Plus Proto


  • Rich Experience: Our core team has more than 20 years of  Manufacturing industry experience. We can give professional guidance to you from prototypes to mass production.



  • One-Stop Service: With advanced Injection machines,  CNC machines,  Hot Chamber Casting, and cold Chamber  Casting machines, etc. We can give clients the best custom solutions.



  • Quality Worry-Free: We cooperate with Fortune 500 companies in the world, such as  BMW, TESLA, HP, Samsung, The quality is recognized by them. Our Die Casting parts are used for many industries like aerospace, automotive, connector housings and plumbing fixtures, etc.

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